Patient Stories: Take Control Of Your Health

Suzi G.’s asthma was so severe that she was scared to participate in normal activities. Things she enjoyed like spending time with animals, exercising, or even spending time outside were such a risk that she would avoid them entirely. As a child, she often avoided normal “kid stuff” for fear of an asthma attack.

However, with Dr. Apaliski’s assistance, Suzi was able to take control of her asthma. Through her work with Dr. Apaliski, she says she now has “control of my own health!”

During her treatment, Suzi and Dr. Apaliski sought to find the correct medication and established guidelines to guarantee she took it regularly. However – the medication alone wasn’t the only thing that helped her beat her asthma. “It was also key,” she said, “that Dr. Apaliski listened to me, and I trusted his expertise and knowledge.”

Suzi and Dr. Apaliski formed a partnership. “He treated me as a person, not as a number,” Suzi said. “This sounds so simple, but it has been my experience this is very rare. He listened to what had not worked in the past and included me in the plan of attack!  This helped me to know I was in control of beating my own asthma and not a “victim.” My whole life I was told to “just breathe,” but was not given the tools or the confidence to do that. Since many times asthma is worsened by stress, a part of controlling it is a positive, confident mindset. That is accomplished so much easier when you are part of a team!”

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