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Your Relationship With Your Physician and the Beating Asthma Twitter Party

Facilitating patient/physician conversation is one of our biggest passions at Beating Asthma.We’re preparing to host another #BeatingAsthma Twitter party on Friday evening at 9pm ET and we’d love to see you there!

This time around, we are continuing our conversation about the importance of an open, honest patient/physician relationship. Here at Beating Asthma, we’re passionate about facilitating healthy communication and a level playing field between doctors and their patients.

We hope to chat with you then!

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Controlled asthma always makes me smile!

I love what I get to do every day as a physician. I would do it all again if I had to choose.

Surgeons get to see the results of their work rather quickly. The appendix is inflammed, the patient is in pain, they remove the appendix and the patient is healed (most often). Quick, right? As a medical specialist, the results of my interactions take time, and multiple steps must take place, from correct diagnosis, correct treatment and my patients following the treatment plan we develop together.

When successful, it feels good, especially for those who have been suffering, sometimes for long periods of time.

So, today I wanted to share a success story with you.
I have been taking care of someone for several months now who has had a troubling cough for over 10 years. It annoyed him (and his wife!). Sleep interrupted by a spouse coughing is troublesome for both parties. We treated some infection in the sinuses, the cough persisted. We then started him on a combination inhaler, Dulera, which is used for the treatment of asthma.

Well, I saw him today for a follow-up office visit. Great news. The cough is gone for 2 months now! Sleeping well, no need for ‘cough medicine’. He is very happy and so is his wife. He thanked me for my help, and as he was leaving, he shook his head and said, “doc, thanks, for 10 years I was coughing like that”. As you probably know, not all asthma wheezes, and cough may be the only way it is manifested. He is a good example of that lesson.

As he left the office both he and I had big smiles on our faces. Controlled asthma always makes me smile!

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Update of Beating Asthma, the book


The work on the book is progessing steadily.

Two more chapters plus an introduction and concluding chapter to write, and the ‘rough draft’ will be completed!


I am grateful for all the patients over the years who I have learned from and who continue to be the inspiration for writing ‘Beating Asthma’.

Thanks to my good friend and patient who works as a Respiratory Therapist on the transport team for Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth for her kind words and positive reinforcement to me this past week. She has witnessed up close the heartache associated with uncontrolled asthma, and has provided much comfort to suffering children over the years with her kindness and skills. She believes that ‘Beating Asthma’ will make a difference in people’s lives. That is my prayer. (I don’t want to mention names without her permission!) Keep up the great work, my friend, and thanks again!

Hang in there everyone. Have a great 4th of July weekend. Have fun, but stay safe! Hug those you love tightly and be filled with gratitude, as I am, for the great gift of America!

Be kind to yourself.

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