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Twitter Party Recap: Asthma and the Family

Last Friday, we held our third Twitter party to great success! We had more participants than ever which means we’re reaching more people than ever before. It’s so great to watch people connect (with both asthma specialists and fellow asthma sufferers).

As we discussed how asthma affects our families, we touched on a lot of important topics. Our co-host Lillian Cohen-Moore talked about her diagnosis in college, as well as how her parents educated her to be confident in her personal care.




Triggers are another important aspect in your asthma treatment. Dr. Nathan Hare pointed out that asthma patients are very likely to have allergic triggers:




Being confident in your own management of your asthma and knowing your triggers are key to developing your asthma action plan. As pointed out by Lorene Alba, being confident and seeking help when necessary is key, not just to your treatment, but to your life.




We hope you’ll join us June 22nd for our next chat! In the meantime, let we’d love to know: How does asthma affect your family? And how do you manage your triggers?


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