What is an asthma action plan? Think of it as a roadmap or a guide that tells you when to take action to manage your asthma and what actions to take. This guide is meant to promote early intervention when things go wrong.

The most common asthma action plan in use today is based on three zones: green, yellow, and red. These zones are correlated with signs or symptoms of asthma as well as with action steps that should be taken. Let’s look at how this all works.

  • If your asthma is in the “green zone,” no action step is necessary, other than using all of your medications as prescribed.
  • In the yellow zone, action is necessary and should be taken right now because time is of the essence here. This typically involves removing yourself from any allergic asthma trigger and using appropriate medicines. A call to the doctor is also useful.
  • The red zone represents an absolute emergency, and there is no time to waste. In the red zone, you must call 911 immediately.

The simple truth is, when your asthma is under control, the plan is easy: “Keep doing what you’re doing.” But you must have a plan of action for what to do when those difficult times come, and the best plans are laid out well in advance.

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