Patient–Physician Relationship

A long-term, good relationship with the right kind of physician is a must. You know your asthma better than anybody, and it’s important that you work with a doctor who respects and values your partnership in the treatment process. Things to look for in your physician include:

  • Great communication skills – Does your doctor take the time to explain things in regular terms you can understand, not medicalese?
  • Good Listener – Does your doctor actually listen to you and invite your participation in the treatment discussions?
  • Nonjudgmental – Does your doctor create an open and safe environment where anything can be shared? You need to feel comfortable asking all of your questions of the doctor, no matter how “off the wall.”

To be effective at managing your asthma, you need to have the strongest team of people supporting you as possible. You and your doctor are core players on that team; it’s important that you are able to collaborate together.

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