Kids and Asthma Twitter Party: Recap!

Our Friday night Twitter party for kids and asthma was an informative hour and we’re really looking forward to our next chat on May 18th!

Quite a bit of the hour was spent discussing the nitty gritty of when to (and how to) contact an allergy and asthma specialist.

Dr. A noted that he often encounters families who have pushed for some time to get their physician to refer their case to an asthma or allergy specialist. There are many times when a trip to the allergist merely confirms what the parents already knew: Their child has asthma.

Once you’ve made the decision to see an allergist and asthma specialist, there’s much more work ahead! Finding the right doctor for you and your family can be very challenging. Some of the great advice shared included:

We’re really looking forward to our next chat! Have ideas for a topic? Let us know!

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