I Was Constantly Fighting for Air

Erich S., a patient of Dr. Apaliski, suffered from severe seasonal and cat dander allergies. As he fought his allergies, Erich was unable to sleep through the night. “I was constnatly fighting for air,” he said.

Dr. Apaliski defined a three-prong approach to beat Erich’s asthma:

  1. Erich was to avoid all direct with cat dander, washing before bed to eliminate all daily irritants.
  2. Erich’s bedroom had to become a cat and dust free zone.
  3. Erich was to adopt a routine of breathing treatments, as well as a rescue inhaler when needed.

The three-prog approached worked and Erich’s breathing normalized!

Erich summed up his treatment by saying,

Dr. Apaliski listened closely to my situation and studied my allergy test results to determine the cause and or causes of my reactions and then we worked together to see which treatments worked best to beat my asthma.   I continue to follow the regiment and treatment that works and through follow up visits with Dr. Apaliski we continue to adjust treatment as needed to maintain optimum breathing.

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