Beating Asthma Chat: A Resounding Success!

Our first Beating Asthma Twitter chat took place last Friday and it was really exciting! We explored asthma and allergies in the spring pollen season and covered everything from peak flows to HEPA filters.

Our featured guests, eVacuumStore and SoundAsthma, brought a lot of valuable information to the table. From the best equipment to keep your home allergen free to what you should take to your asthma appointment, they provided invaluable insight for asthma and allergy sufferers.

And our participants offered some great commentary, as well! Two of our favorite tweets from the evening encourage asthma and allergy sufferers to take care of their lungs!

You can see much of the conversation on Twitter here.

We hope that you’ll join us on May 4th to discuss pediatric asthma. Helping kids tackle their asthma is so important! Do you have any questions you’d like to address during the chat? Let us know!

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